Text 21 Mar The Mass Effect 3 Situation Can Still End Well

This post contains no spoilers.

Background Information:

  • Mass Effect 3 comes out to highly positive reviews.
  • Many players find the conclusion extremely unsatisfactory.
  • Some take it to extremes, creating petitions and filing legal complaints. The backlash is one of the biggest in the history of gaming.
  • Dr. Muzyka of BioWare says that the team is checking out feedback and looking to address some issues through DLC.
  • Many have jumped to the conclusion that the ending of the game is being changed.
  • Everyone is ready to riot (even the folks which dislike the ending).

Hold On

The whole Mass Effect 3 situation can still go both ways. I understand that things are not looking good, but nothing has happened yet. We need to take a deep breath and calm down. Instead of immediately sharpening your pitchforks, you should read Dr. Muzyka’s entire post. Nothing in his statement says that the ending is being changed. Should we believe him? That’s up to you, but I doubt that the parties involved do not recognize what a catastrophic effect this change would have. Below is what could happen.

Scenario A: Everything Goes Downhill

  • BioWare releases new content which changes the ending or makes it irrelevant.
  • They expect you to pay for it.
  • The artistic integrity of the game and studio is compromised, and the backlash becomes even more significant.
  • The business side of it sets an ugly precedent (though some other companies have already tried selling endings) and everyone is seriously screwed over.
  • BioWare murders millions of puppies and babies.
  • Fanboys and fangirls cry.

Scenario B: Everything is Fine

  • BioWare releases DLC which features story tidbits about what happened. Some characters offer their views on the events that took place, there are news reports, etc.
  • Dialogue or ambient storytelling is used to offer references and small pieces of information about the conclusion. By default, any information or speculation by the in-game world cannot be hugely significant because fans will riot.
  • Alternatively, BioWare directly continues the story through free (unlikely) DLC and, –again– does not negate the ending.
  • BioWare does not murder puppies and babies.
  • Fanboys and fangirls still cry.

What Does This Mean?

I just did what everyone has been doing in reaction to Dr. Muzyka’s announcement; I speculated. There’s no way to know what will actually happen, but the apocalypse has definitely not arrived yet. I’m not saying we should look at this situation and assume it will turn out great, I’m saying that we can’t jump to conclusions at the present. Assuming the worst is always easy. What’s going to happen to BioWare, Mass Effect 3, and video games? Only time will tell, but the ending and the response to it will always be remembered.


Text 21 Mar

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I never thought I’d be on Tumblr either! The original idea was Wordpress but their free options are super limited. My ass has one fan, score!

Text 20 Mar 1 note Can Sports Games Appeal To Outsiders?

In this article, “outsider” refers to a video game player that does not play sports games and does not follow game-specific sports.

Having 2 teams of 11 men or women chase and kick a ball is an art to some. To others, it’s boring. Fucking boring. These people would prefer to see grass grow or to watch paint dry. Maybe they sometimes live on the edge and catch a final here and there. So can this type of video game fan enjoy sports games? This is your lucky day if you’re a lazy bastard because here is the short answer: it is possible to enjoy sports games without enjoying the sport they are based on.

I think the chances of an outsider picking up the latest copy of FIFA or Madden for the heck of it is minimal at best. There needs to be some sort of external force, good or bad. In my experience, this force is typically a friend of the outsider. If an outsider is going to extract any enjoyment from a sports game, there needs to be some sort of an incentive or guide. Duh. I should point that I will be focusing on “complicated” sports games. I will not be discussing pick-up-and play titles such as NBA Jam, they’re a different kind of beast.

Scenario A: Top Spin 4

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Text 19 Mar Lightning Round: Mass Effect 3 (w/ spoiler warnings)


Lightning Round is a feature in which I list random thoughts on a particular topic. If you agree or disagree you can post your musings in the comments section. Get it? Good. I like you.

Spoiler free thoughts (boooo):

  • Garrus continues to be awesome.
  • Combat scenarios are a lot more fun than ME 2. You can’t win every battle by being stationary.
  • Turret sequences are entirely lame (but when are they ever good?).
  • I’m surprised at how much content you can potentially miss out on due to character deaths in ME 2.
  • No vehicle missions is fine by me.
  • The voice cast was great, thought Shepard still speaks with a weird or inappropriate tone at times.
  • The Salarian feces easter egg on their planet is one of my favorite moments.
  • Ashley still sucks. A lot.
  • There were too many fetch quests for my liking, but I enjoyed all of their story tidbits.
  • Man, I love the Mass Effect universe.

There are spoilers in all of the following bullet points (spoiler free zone returns after the last bullet):

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